Iris in the Sunken Garden

Iris in the Sunken Garden

Beautiful colours and lovely contrasts in light and shade, John!

Great colours, lovely, vibrant pastel work.

Your comment is appreciated Pat, thanks

Amazing pastel, John, your palette is stunning and the play of light and shadows is wonderful. You find the most beautiful places fitting with your great palette. Very great pastel.

Full of light and colour John.

Lovely use of pastel John.

Love this tapestry garden John. Beautiful sunlight striking the iris.

Thank you Cesare, your comment is very much appreciated.

Thank you Sarah, I always go for or work with the light, it makes the painting live for me.

Thank you Carole, yes it's the light I try to capture.

This is reminiscent of a Monet John, beautiful shimmering colours.

Superb John, your painting with light is always stunning, you make it come alive. Wonderful depth and vibrancy of colours.

Thank you Marjorie. I would not mind his garden to paint in. Just so long as did not have to husband it lol.

Thank you Mary your comment is very much appreciated.

This is gorgeous John. The sunlight is fantastic. Do you fix your pastels and if so how?

I need to try much harder with my pastel work John, this is a glorious example of a pastel painting.

Thank you Adele. Never used fixative . But primed surface with acrylic and marble dust. It grips the pastel holding it in place. I just blow off the surface. I never did find a fixative that really fixed the surface. Like I say I feel a good ground that holds the pastel is the best solution.

Thank you Fiona very much appreciate your words.

excellent very impressionistic you have captured sunlight perfectly John

Thank you Starman, appreciated. Impressionism that's the one. Lubbly jubbly.

This is lovely! I can feel the heat and sunshine!

Your most beautiful Pastel work yet John. Stunning.

Beautiful, John. I love the vibrant colours.


Posted by T H on Thu 04 Aug 22:44:18

Thank you Linda, Henry and Timothy. Your comments are appreciated.

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Pastel Painting. Size11x8 inches. This on lives or did live in Lincolnshire.

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