Lovely pencil work John, you've caught the fluffiness of his feathers very well.

Great detail.may try pencils later..

Very very accomplished pencilwork John. You are the man!

Just stunning John you certainly have the gift.

Your comments are appreciated Val, Peter, and Michael.

Thank you Jenny. It becomes a gift after much practice. Anyone can do it. That's if they love it enough.

Caw, John ! That's amazing!!

well mr details man look at that birdy beautifully drawn with a lovely range of tones excellent John

Gorgeous tones John. They is one beautiful Jay. You are a master of all mediums.

Lovely variety of mark making. This must be about life-size too. Excellent!

A very accomplished drawing John, really good.

Exceptional pencil work John, a real beauty.

Brilliant drawing John beautiful pencil detail

Super piece John. What lovely detail. Great pencil work.

Thank you for your comments they a very much appreciated, Linda, Marjorie, Fiona, Carole, Russell and Henry.

Thank David and Mary your comments are very much appreciated and also.

Beautifully captured, John. Haven't done any pencil drawings for ages, must give it another go!

Brilliant pencil work, John.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil on A3 Cartridge Paper.

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