Lemon tea

Lemon tea

Stunning work Petra, love the reflections.

Wow ! amazing detail and reflections brilliant work Petra

Wonderful work as always Petra!

This has the wow factor for me, wonderful reflections.

Not really a fan of still life, but yours are amazing!, incredible detail and excellent colours.

Posted by K 0 on Sat 17 Sep 20:26:22

Amazing teapot, and a lovely composition, as ever :)

Wow Petra...the reflections in your lovely teapot are stunning - almost a picture in themselves.

Lemon Tea - my favourite! You are the Mistress of the Reflection - brilliant at them. Wonderful painting executed to such a high standard.

Many thanks Fiona, Rick, Debs, Lesley, Kevin, Sarah, Jane and Thea for your very nice comments, very much appreciated

Let me make No 10, I was knocked out by this superb still life , the reflections alone deserve praise but the painting as a whole is just wonderful,

I agree with all above Petra, brilliant painting.

Superb, Petra. Colours brilliant, composition great, finished product fantastic. I've never tried a still life in oils but inspired by your work I'm going to have a go this autumn. Do you use a special lamp when you set up the study/lighting?

Marveless painting Petra, on closer inspection, the reflection of the room is so well handled - well done!

Lost for words...... those reflections in the tea pot...... it's superb.

Brilliant as always Petra! My Wednesday group should have seen this when we were told to do a simple still life with a metallic pot, it would have been a perfect example. Thank you for your comment on mine .

This is again amazing, Petra! Sorry if I do not comment on all your last postings, but being away for 2 weeks, I missed 60 pages of posted works (see my Blog "Surprise-party" or "Mia"). I am browsing backwards as much as possible but because of some multiple-postings, it will be a full-time-job!!

Absolutely stunning, Petra! I love the teapot - contemporary, and yet you've incorporated it so well into a very elegant, classic piece.

Thank you very much William, Carole, Pat, Stephen, Avril, Satu, Mia and Seok for your very kind and encouraging comments. I really appreciate it.// Pat, I use a photographic studio lighting, adjustable with daylight bulb

That's an impressive teapot - yours? And How Much? The darks in this are the key, I think, to the undoubted success of the painting - did you employ much glazing in this? I suspect you did, because I don't know how you could have achieved this result alla prima. I'm not a great admirer of still life,but then, there's nothing still, inert, or dull about this.

Hi robert, thank you for your very nice comment. The teapot is german, a gift from one of my sisters many years ago and I love it. I dont know the different oil techniques, I've never attended a painting class or course, so I do what I feel I should do! I only started painting a year and half ago and only starting using oils from this Easter. To create the lighting effect I use a very cheap brush, I apply very thin layers of titanium white around the thick white spot when the underlying painting is dry, usually I do it twice.

Petra - how do you keep on producing work of this quality? Nothing I can add to the comments above as its all been said

Hi Petra Only just found this wonderful image! Absolutely stunning, love the teapot, especially the white spout,handle and 'bun feet'. Somehow they seem to be a link between the darks, greys and yellow of the lemons. ~The grouping works really well. A lovely picture.

Many thanks Michael and Vivienne for your very nice comments, very much appreciatied

I often tell my non painting friends whosay to me 'I wish I had your talent', that it's not about talent but a desire to improve and practice, which is good advice. However, to progress as you have in such a short time is remarkable. Please continue to nurture the talent which have you certainly have been blessed with. Have you seen the work of Trisha Hardwick? She started to exhibit with the British Society of Painters a few years ago and quickly surpassed those around her who had painted for many years. She is now a top still lfe oil painter, I'm sure you will follow her example.

Thank you very much Stephen for your very kind comment, I really appreciate it.

I assume this is the one you mentioned the other day? Beautiful, especially the reflection.

Many thanks Sara for your very nice comment, much appreciated

Stunning still life Petra! Many thanks for your kind words in my gallery.

Thank you Paul for your encouraging comment, I really appreciate it

You are probably getting tired of reading all these comments, Petra, but I just had to add mine. This is stunning work and deserves the highest praise. You have an amazing talent!

You are probably getting tired of reading all these comments, Petra, but I just had to add mine. This is stunning work and deserves the highest praise. You have an amazing talent!

Many thanks John for your very nice and encouraging comment. very much appreciated

I agree with everyone else. Great portfolio, this is my favourite.

Posted by Andy H on Mon 10 Oct 09:21:14

I agree with all the other comments. Great gallery, this is my favourite.

Posted by Andy H on Mon 10 Oct 09:25:23

Thank you very much Andy for your very kind and encouraging comment. I really appreciate it

Thrilled to see this published in the portfolio in A&I, huge congratulations!

Many thanks Lesley, I sent the photograph 3 weeks ago but I wasnt expecting to see the painting publised I am over the moon!!

CONGRATULATIONS PETRA! I saw it this morning in A&I. Well done!!!

Thank you very much Satu, I really appreciate it

Petra, I have just seen your painting in all it's glory in the A&I. Well done. Great to see your work in the magazine.

Thank you very much Carole, much appreciated

Many thanks Eliseo for your very kind comment

It is looks like a painting in Dutch in the 17th century. It's very realistic.

Thank you Anna, your comment is very much appreciated

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas. 50 x 50 cms (20 x 20"). I love this teapot and the reflection it creates. I think it is a good contrast with the vibrant yellow colour of the lemons

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