Suggested by Fiona

Suggested by Fiona

I think you did very well Peter. lovely use of the pencils.

When you are drawing a simple object like a sphere Peter, you need a strong light source which will make it easier to show its form and structure and create a larger base shadow to anchor it, better to have ditched the colour for this exercise and worked in pencil as Fiona did, give it another go and you will see. You don't need Inktense pencils or any other fancy stuff at this stage, a simple 2B graphite pencil is fine.

Well done Peter. I must have a go one day.

You beat me to it Pete, I'm going to have a go. I found my pencils finally.....yours has really good shape Pete and you've got the contour lines spot on, this is something we did in class the other day before I did the apple I posted. We had to draw an onion using the lines that naturally appear around the onion to use as the contour lines. I had never thought of that before. Yours come out from where the stalk is and explain the shape and form of the apple. Well done!

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Did my best with watercolour pencils last night Fiona, can now see the arguement for inktense pencils... Have about £100 worth of watercolours to use up before i buy them.Tonight i may put a coat of water colour on the apple and see what happens. cheers. peter.

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Took a watercolour painting course on board the Oriana in May last year. Got the bug. Bought lots of water colour materials. Later on joined a painting class in Hull. moved on to acrylics and do at least 2 or 3 paintings a week......Now have 3 hobbies, painting,photography and magic tricks.

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