Brick wall

Brick wall

Can't help myself, I like this.

We don't need no education.....all in all just another brick in the wall

Simple but very effective, Peter, the brick colours and textures are great.

I agree with Tony, you are strangely sucked in by the textures. Love dennis' comment, too!!

Psychedelic pointing just about! You're very good at texture Peter, I remember your stone wall.

You're doing good Peter!!

I think your textures are good Peter. Like the mix of colours. Paul, you are showing your age! Which means I'm jealous 'cos my songs are from the 50's - Sigh!

Lots of us are getting on i think......i remember des o conner when he was white !!!!

Who is Des O'Connor??

Hang on Studio Wall

Need to work on my textures. how am i doing...

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Took a watercolour painting course on board the Oriana in May last year. Got the bug. Bought lots of water colour materials. Later on joined a painting class in Hull. moved on to acrylics and do at least 2 or 3 paintings a week......Now have 3 hobbies, painting,photography and magic tricks.

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