Stone faced

Stone faced

Good complimentary colours Norman, good shape to the face too............. not much like a snail though is it? Sorry :o))

Simple yet effective. A very good interaction of positive and negative shapes.

Hi Norman. Thanks for commenting on my watercolour painting. My materials consisted of a travel pallette with 10 half pans. A 8" x 6" inch Daler Rowney 140lb pad and a brush wallet which was crammed with things like collapsable water pot, a couple of pencils, a variety of brushes, a small bottle of masking fluid, erasers, masking tape etc. You will be surprised how much you can cram in these wallets. It was packed of course into my main checked in luggage as it also contained a craft knife. By the way, this looks so realistic. It looks like a sculpture. I wouldn't have guessed it was an oil painting.

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Inspired by a certain Easter Island.

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