Hofdi house in Reykjavik

Hofdi house  in Reykjavik

I remember the Hofdi house - probably from '86; and you've captured its solidity and sense of presence in what is still a remarkably loose, calligraphic watercolour, with blocks of tone doing much of the work. I should be fascinated to know what constitutes your palette of colours, which seems so right for the far northern light.

Thank you very much Robert. My palette is mostly: french ultramarine, perm. rose, cerulean blue, hookers green, brown madder, neutral tint, orange, cadmium red light, aliz. crimson, jaune brilliant (holbein), raw umber, cobalt blue, cobalt turquoise, sepia, mauve, permanent white the colors I use most: french ultramarine, cerulean blue, brown madder, neutral tint, orange, raw umber, sepia, cadmium red light, mauve. Kind regards, Óskar

Thanks Óskar for the information - I would never have guessed you used so many colours, but that's presumably how you achieve such subtlety in your work.

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1/4 sheet This house is called Hofdi (spelled differently in Icelandic). Today it is used for receptions for the city of Reykjavik. The Icelandic painter Louisa Matthiasdottir grew up in this house, it was also a home for some years of one of Iceland´s most famous writers Einar Benediktsson. Winston Churchill visited it in 1941 and Marlene Dietrich also visited. The house was a meeting place for the Reagan and Gorbachev summit in 1986.

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