From Reykjavik

From Reykjavik

Lovely painting.

Super work once again Oskar. I really like the way you have portayed the vehicles, the lighting effect on the car is lovely.

Your painting has everything I love. It is loose, colourful, expressive, and beautiful. So good.

Hi. Your paintings are so full of life and light - really beautiful.

Posted by Ann Cook on Sat 22 Jun 09:12:56

Hi Oskar great to see you back amongst us, and this is a super painting, I agree you always have really good light in your paintings, the natural light there will be much brighter than it is here I would think because of where you are and that does come through in you artwork beautifully, you do have a lovely technique with you figurework and how you render everything in your paintings

Nice, simple, understated painting, and well controlled drawing too. I like this!

Shirley May and Matthew sewell have said it all.It's the kind of painting that I would like to achieve, but I tend to add a little too much details. Awesome gallery I must say.

Hang on Studio Wall

A plein air watercolour, 1/4 sheet in size, Saunders 300 gr rough

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