The harbor

The harbor

A wonderfully atmospheric piece. It's lovely.

Lovely harbour scene, beautifully painted

Nice watercolour ,great feel to it..

You know I'm a fan of your pastel palette Oskar. This good have been done many ways - the trawler hull screaming out for some strong rusty red. But since all your values are perfectly judged and graded, the impact is exactly the same. Very fine.

Love the looseness and the tranquility you have captured, but is just me or is everything leaning to the left. Maybe the picture crop is doing this.

Agree with all above, very characteristic palette always works well. I think it does lean slightly to the left, but if you look at the pencil outline at the bottom right, the image is very slightly skewed. Having done this myself, I know how easy it is.

Oh - I can't get a building straight to save my life, but I don't worry too much about accuracy if the interpretation, colours and expression of a painting is good. This one certainly is very good indeed. I envy your style and your confident and bold brushstrokes. Great painting.

Thank you all very much for your comments. Óskar

Hang on Studio Wall

1/4 sheet in size, Arches 300 gr

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