Towards Southend

Towards Southend

Incredibly detailed.

PS the “step by step” on your website is well worth a visit.

great impression of distance and big skies

Posted by Bob Ward on Tue 24 Jul 23:14:11

Incredible detail. Beautiful.

Just wonderful!

Super stuff again Nigel. love this!

Thank you Tony, Bob, Margaret, Ellen, Tessa and Thalia for all your kind comments.

How on earth did you do that in watercolour? I must hasten to your website and learn something. Leaving aside questions of technique, it's a great painting however it was accomplished.

Nigel, I looked at your website with the step by step for this painting and was interested to see that towards the end you appeared, for some of the foreground foliage, to be painting light over dark. Do you use pure watercolour, or do you incorporate gouache in places?

Thanks for your comments Robert, Sandra and Jenny. In answer to some of the questions I only use watercolour but I don’t tend to use it in a very conventional way, especially in the foreground. To get deep shadows I do tend to paint light over dark, sometimes very dark, almost pure Ivory Black. I then use almost undiluted paint to get the vibrant colours, like the Lemon and Cadmium Yelliw of the flowers. I often use tiny brushes (3/0, 4/0 and 10/0) to do some of the detail.

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