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Praise and likes are always welcome, constructive criticism is equally well received. A Happy new year to all and thanks for all your comments over the last year.

Effective use of negative shapes.

Like this Nick

Well, I've 'liked' you already, so have a bit of praise on top - it's remarkable what you're achieving with biro, which I have always found the most horrible of media; but then I've not used it on Bristol board - it bleeds through other papers, and gradually changes colour, or fades, or both. It's only on Bristol board that you could achieve this level of shading or blending - unless you use a medium to liquefy the ink.... I should like to watch your process, but I don't think much of my chances of getting to Hiroshima. Make a video!

Striking composition, gradation of shading and use of negative space:effective radiating tonal change that pulls the viewers eyes into the sculptural structure of the piece and sets off our further exploration. The cross linking of spaces keeps our eyes moving around the structure of the image picking up new insights at each travel-really lovely!

Beautiful! Love your delicate but detailed drawings. Happy New Year to you too :)

Very clever. Apparently simple, but not in reality. Well done.

Nick this shimmers. It has an organic fluidity, moving between the negative and positive, especially at the very edges of the sculpture of twigs and branches. Happy new year Nick, wishing you health and happiness.

Hang on Studio Wall

A biro sketch on smooth Bristol paper.

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Born in Birmingham England, I now live in Hiroshima Japan with my wife and family. I studied at Moseley Art school and work as a freelance Industrial Design Sculptor.

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