I’ve been following your journey with this on the forum Helen, and what a terrific conclusion it’s come to. Apart from it being a super portrait of a beloved pet, I love how you have made into a tactile tribute. You will have to let us know your nieces reaction.

I've also followed your story on the forum, you have done a fantastic portrait of Tyson, your niece will be very grateful for the work you have put into this portrait of her beloved pet.

That’s a very special portrait. I love the tactile idea. It’s going to be treasured.

I've been following progress too. A lovely thought and especially for the children. A brilliant painting.

The little girls (3 and 6 I think) saw it on Sunday, and both shrieked ,' TYSON!!!!!!'. Made my day :-)

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My niece's dog Tyson. Sadly he passed away in August. The painting inclused some of Tysons ashes, which was a bit of a challenge, but I was happy to do this. My neice has two young children, so I made the painting touchable - the ashes cover the whole of the dog, but the nose and the eyes have a thicker concentration (mixed with sculpture gel)). The picture is varnished several times, so that the little ones can touch his face.

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