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Nice one.

Absolutely brilliant - the lettering is amazing and the glass and reflections are spot on.

Super grouping - lots of fun must have been had - great painting too Helen must have taken a lot of time and patience.

Great painting and amazing lettering!

Really good, such a great level of detail - hope you didn't have to drink them all!

A stunner, really good work.

Ha ha, no, I didn't drink any of them (honest!), I prefer a gin and tonic!

Helen, a brilliant piece of art! What a great commission to work on ....thirsty work I expect.

Gosh Helen , I thought this was your collection! Excellent painting.

Awesome! your patience is greatly admired!

Brilliant work

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A group of people in the village I live in comissioned this as a fun gift for one of their friends, depicting the different beverages they have consumed together... there's even an Asda 'smart price' beer can hidden in there! Acrylic on 75 x 50 cm box canvas

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I've been painting (acrylics) for about 10 years, after going on a painting day with my mother. I guess I've always been creative (it's in the family genes), not always with paint. Over the decade it started mainly with pet portraits, as word got around my workplace that my stuff wasn't too bad..…

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