Lilypads and leaves on water


I actually like this too … maybe if I was pushed, but only because you asked to really look, I would say the smaller leaves maybe look like there's too many and/or the shapes are in conflict with the bigger lily leaves (not sure what plant the smaller leaves are?) but that's me being picky I think.

Hang on Studio Wall
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My mum rang and said 'I don't really like this one, Helen'. I usually listen to her, think about what she says, and then say to myself, 'well I kinda like how that bit clashes with that bit' and so on. This time it rattled me a little though, as I was quite satisfied with how it went, and now I'm looking at it trying to work out what she was on about! 30 cm square canvas board

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I've been painting (acrylics) for about 10 years, after going on a painting day with my mother. I guess I've always been creative (it's in the family genes), not always with paint. Over the decade it started mainly with pet portraits, as word got around my workplace that my stuff wasn't too bad..…

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