Super kingfisher, the tree stump looks great. I also tried this exercise and I found the tree stump harder than painting the bird!

It's me again. Just taken a look at your gallery and see that you are also a fan of Anna Mason, so am I. I have bought her book and watched her short videos on YouTube but so far have not joined one of her courses. I think she is a wonderful artist and I love the way she paints, it takes longer but I have had more success painting her way and I love it. It's nice to meet another fan of hers.

Thank you Margaret! I did this painting in one day and because of lack of light past 8 pm yesterday I lost it while painting the tree stump. I felt it could have been better if I had exercised more caution and as always more patience. Thanks anyways for complimenting me on it.. really appreciate it.. On a different note yes I am a great fan of Anna Mason and I am in her online school for the past couple of years and learnt immensely from her and I was able to apply the skills she taught me into this kingfisher which i am grateful for. I owe my gratitude to Paul Hopkinson as well for providing this demo in the magazine and followed the tutorial to the T. Thanks again!

I also posted my kingfisher on here too. love the colours in the tree. Unlike you i did mine in artist pencil

Thank you Alan for stopping by my gallery space! Really appreciate it..

I love your Kingfisher. The feathers are beautifully coloured and textured as its the tree stump. I have been asked to paint a Kingfisher for my sister so will have to look at this exercise. Diana

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I did this following a step-by-step demo by Paul Hopkinson in he Leisure Painter magazine

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