Abstract Horizon

Abstract Horizon

Keep them coming donna

Well done Donna. Not all painting is based on realistic drawing (I could never draw at school and dropped art lessons as soon as I could). Now in retirement I am learning to paint, can draw main shapes but not a lot of detail, so my paintings are semi-abstract. Your lovely abstract paintings show that you actually can draw, in your own style. Keep on enjoying your art.

Thank you Paul & Sandra your words of encouragement are giving me confidence.

This style clearly suits you Donna - you have a good eye for colour.

Thank you Adele - must be all the dress making I used to for myself, pantomime & musical shows costumes had to be bright and colourful for stage work !!

Love the choice of colours and the flowing movement. Very expressive. Keep enjoying yourself, I enjoy it too.

Thank you Julia much appreciated.

Love the movement in this Donna and lovely , vivid colours sets this off so very well. Well worth putting in a frame, oh! And signing it.

Hang on Studio Wall

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Donna Crane

Having had a life changing experience some 3 years ago I found that I was lost and needed to find myself. I have always been interested in Art but can't draw or paint to save my life. About 6 months ago I bought an original painting that I really liked and thought I wish I could do something likeā€¦

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