Beautiful colours Donna. Love the little silvery reflections. Have you more ideas for it yet?

Thank you Adele, not too sure perhaps some shading on the hills and would like to do something more to the moon but not sure !!

I would think some subtle shading would be good, to indicate some bits of shadow and give them some depth. Also perhaps you could reflect some more of that sky into the water. How about a small boat (nothing fancy) to one side, just to give some sense of size. If you are a little unsure, try drawing a little boat on a separate piece of paper first. These are only suggestions though Donna. If you go for a boat, don't make it too big because it has to make the sea look vast.

Really encouraging design ability showing through strongly in this piece Donna, keep at it.

Thank you Adele I will take your suggestions on board and see what transpires - I think I can manage a boat but my last one looked a bit like banana!!! I appreciate your comments Alan coming from someone as talented as yourself.

Nothing wrong with a banana boat!

Ha Ha Adele ;-)

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