Front runners

Front runners

This is wonderful, Margaret! Having done a little amount of lino printing, I am seriously impressed by the amount of detail, and the amount of time it must have taken!

Thank you for the kind words Margaret - yes the cutting was a long job!

This is clever stuff Margaret, really excellent result. Can you get more than 3 prints from a lino cut?

Alan, Thank you for the nice comments & yes you can. I've printed this in a variety of colours - I'll post some of the others soon.

Thanks Margaret, I thought so. When I print my drypoint etchings I can usually get around ten or so before the metal plate loses its crispness of line. That's intaglio printing of course, and you do need a press.

Stunning. You are extremely skilful to have so much detail Margaret.

An impressively large and detailed lino print, Margaret, I can only imagine the work (and maybe sore fingers!) that went into it. Assume you used the traditional lino boards to get this amount of detail?

Hello Jenny, thank you for the kind words. I used the Japanese vinyl - I much prefer it to the traditional lino which I find can get crumbly and prone to warping. I also use Schminke water based inks, and these wash off the vinyl to clean it.

Thanks for the info., Margaret - I love lino prints and have recently gone back to doing lino cuts after a long break and have been using the soft cut lino as, like yourself, I find the traditional lino prone to crumbling, apart from being very tough on the fingers! I've found, though, that the soft cut lino can be a bit 'squidgy' and difficult for doing fine detail, so I'd more or less given up on it, although I'm sure I would benefit from some better tools. Will have to try some of the Japanese vinyl and maybe get a few of the Pfeil tools.

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Single colour lino print plate size 56 x 34 cm. This one in smokey amethyst grey, edition of 3

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