Snail Cartoons - Today's Offering

Snail Cartoons - Today's Offering

Too close to home he thought!

I really like the waiter, no need for a trolley!

As soon as you slid through the door I knew you were really a cabbage soup man!

Cabbage Soup and carrot crumble !

I don't know whether it has been suggested before but these cartoons could make a book???

Tempting but no!! lol

It would be lovely and funny, I have seen worse!

I am with him there, moules mariniere can't eat!

It would be nice to get them published in book format but I have been there before. I published a book of hospital cartoons a few years back - covered costs and made a bit too which I donated to charity but it was hard work. I'll be offering them to a local magazine later next year - they are currently running my Glenit Bee series - so there's hope for the little fellas yet..

Sounds exciting for the snails Michael!

Probably never thought I'd agree with a snail, but I wouldn't eat moules mariniere either!

Hang on Studio Wall

Actually I'm a lover of shell food ...

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