Portrait continued

Portrait continued

This is your best portrait, Michael, the eyes are fabulous.

Thankyou cesare. Ive been working on it for several months now. You get out what you put in.

Sorry you’re having OCD problems, Michael. It’s good that you are achieving positive energy from it, and producing these interesting and talented paintings. Every one is another step forward to be proud of.

Thankyou ann. Thats a lovely comment. OCD can be beneficial in an odd way. Im maybe three times the artist i was just a year ago. I have a great motivation in me to apply myself and i think it has alot to do with OCD.

Hang on Studio Wall

Im experiencing some rather bad symptoms of OCD which are quite difficult to deal with. Im trying to hold on to the positive thought that it could serve a purpose and eventually take me to the next level as a painter. Sorry to complain. I see very few people and i like texting my thoughts. Its a need i have.

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I'm an amateur I have tried to improve but I don't find art easy at all and it is a constant frustration to me which I have come to resent. I do not want to have to be bothered to read comments on this site so it might be best if the comment section remains blank.

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