BBW in the shower

BBW in the shower

Love your skin tones...another tender expression michael.

Thankyou. My mum thinks my recent work including this one is too suggestive. She also thinks they are not as well painted. Im abit upset about her comments. Its nice that ive had these two lovely comments this morning.

Hey! Tha's mums for you. I remember when I showed mine the results of my evening class at life sessions...dirty!! Keep going buddy

Ha ha thanks derek. I have some good artist friends on pol and i appreciate it.

When I did life drawing at college many years ago, I'd never show my Mother. She just wouldn't have appreciated the naked models. :)

Hi louise. I think the main problem some people are having with my portraits is the size of the breasts. I can understand why some women especially would object because im beginning to think my work is putting me in a bad light not so much as an artist but as a man obviously with sexual appetites as much as the next man.

As i have said before i have alot of respect for women and these portraits are a celebration of woman and are not meant to disrespect, belittle or demean women in any way at all. I know women come in all shapes and sizes but in emphasising the breasts im focusing on increasing the femininity of the subject but also indicating the fecundity of woman.

I remember seeing an old painting from the renaissance in which two women were pinching eachothers nipples. Again it was an image of fecundity and a celebration of procreation.

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