Lovely and mysterious, Michael.

Thankyou cesare. Im very glad you like her. She came from the heart.

Haunting - I really like it

Hang on Studio Wall

i intend this to be a representation of the characters scarlet o'hara and catherine hernshaw. i called her vivian after the old hollywood actress. the resemblance isnt strong but somehow on observing it i couldnt help but think of scarlet o'hara. strange isnt it? i heard that vivian leigh suffered from mental health problems, so this added to my attachment to the subject.

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Michael Hanrahan

I'm an amateur I have tried to improve but I don't find art easy at all and it is a constant frustration to me which I have come to resent. I do not want to have to be bothered to read comments on this site so it might be best if the comment section remains blank.

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