After Alan

After Alan

I'm going to try this too, but it's hard work to get anywhere near Alan's looseness - as I'm sure you found; will try it with a large hake, to prevent niggling. You've used some of his trademark colours in the sky and the roof of the building, I think...your strong inclination to use line does show itself; and mine to add a lot of opaque colour will also show itself, I anticipate. Like the granulation in your sky, and the way you've kept your reserved whites clean, without using masking (?).

The colours in the sky were ultramarine, ultram.+cadm.reds + of burnt and raw sienna, mixed on the WET paper. The roof of the buildings are light red (I lightened them at the top with clean water) and darkened them at the bottom with a little The granulation in the sky is due to the type of paper, it was a free sample of Winsor and Newton paper in one of the issues of the POL-magazines last year. Although Alan promoted masking fluid in this "tuition", I didn't, just left the white spaces blanc ( I don't like masking fluid). The lines, I couldn't resist the naturel "need" to accentuate the drawing, my trade mark!! so it wasn't a real copy of Alan's work. I first sent it to him to judge and he adviced me to put it on the POL because he liked it (I am very proud of that!). My size is 25 x 18cm, so don't use a large hake, a normal brush will do. I used a nr. 12 for the sky and foreground and a nr.4 for the trees. My rigger nr.4 was too large for the branches, so I also used the ink lines for details.

Well done. It's a nice little landscape which will no doubt be followed by some more!

fantastic ////the way you have done this is special ,you took the rough idea ,,,,,what can I say you the artist did it ..,,,the foreground is just right ,and perfect to me... thats everything .. take care alan

Thank you very much, Avril and Alan. Coming from such great artists as you both are, I appreciate.

Beautiful work, as usual,Mia! I love your sky.Thanks for your kind comments on my latest work.

Thanks Geraldine. I like your work very much.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my version of a painting Alan mailed me as a model to copy. I painted it as he explained but did put my own accents in it, so it was not exactly a copy. I added details using a waterproof marker. He asked me (allowed me) to put it in my gallery, so here it is.

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