Fiona's Challenge

Fiona's Challenge

I've never watched this film, but now I've seen this I will give it a miss.....scary lol

Won't watch this Mia, lots of gore great horror!

Certainly is , one film for the play list

That is frightenining Mai. The painting is great and conveys the fear.

Oh yes, you've got this scene near perfect Mia......pure horror!!lol


Horror in buckets Mia and I never thought that I'd enjoy seeing such a 'horror' challenge subject quite so much..LOL

I'm going to have nightmares after all these horror images Mia but it's always good to have challenges.

Thank you all so very much for your nice (horrible lol!!!) comments. I really enjoyed this challenge! The film had a more recent remake, but I saw the 1976 version by Brian de Palma with Sissy Spacek and John Travolta. I had to look it up on Wikipedia about the story, just remembered the horrified girl with all the blood.

Yes it's bloody good Mia

Very scary Mia, all that blood :)

Oooh I remember that film Mia and you have done a good job with this.

Thank you very much Michael, Val and Margaret. This is the first horror film who came to my mind and that I remembered seeing. Maybe I saw some others, but it is not my favourite sort of pictures! However, I enjoyed the challenge and making the sketch!

Thanks Gudrun, horrible, yes, that is how the picture was too.

Hang on Studio Wall

In the 70ties, I saw a horror film on tv (probably the only one I remember): Carrie. This was made in 1976 with Sissy Spacek. It was blood all over the place, so.... This is a 10 min. doodle with red Ecoline ink. Is this enough horror?

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