Syd's Challenge

Syd's Challenge

I have those colours live on my [alette right now and may try them out and make my own version of this drawing if that's OK Mia.

This certainly is OK, Derek. I am looking forward to it!!!!

This one is certainly warmer. Viridian (a tricky colour) is so close to blue. Both are very good.

Isn't it interesting to see what can be achieved by using just the two colours which you'd probably never thought of using together before and possibly won't do Seriously though, well done Mia, I admire your enthusiasm and talent.

This is a very tricky one because of the subject. I think the first one, with viridian, could be acceptable as a cool wintry day, but the sap green and crimson in the sea doesn't work as a mix for me. These challenges are certainly thought-provoking.

It has worked well...tend to agree with Marjorie about the sea , think I would just have used different strengths of the rose.. But I do like it.

Thank you very much, Amanda, Louise, Marjorie and Sylvia for your kind comments. Yes, the see and sand where tricky bits. It was a very interesting experience but not being allowed to use a blue or/and yellow in the mixes was very difficult. Because I decided to use the same subject in both paintings, there was always something going 'wrong' somewhere. The mix of sapgreen and permanent rose didn't give any grey, so I struggled to find a colour for the see, using originally the rose for the sky... But I am glad I did it.

I don't know which one I prefer as they both have their own merits. This one is richer in colour than the alizarin/viridian one, but then I like the softness of that one and the juiciness of this one - so dilemma. Well done for pushing the boundaries and having a go at another challenge. This is a charming painting, so it just shows what you can do with just two colours.

I like both. This colour scheme made me think medieval for some reason.

Both your paintings are beautiful, Mia, done with your usual panache. I love your beautiful lines and the light touch of hues. On a personal level, I prefer the cooler palette of your first painting, simply because the contrast of cools and warms create such an impact. As Thea says, both have their merits.

Lovely subject and marvellous use of the colours, bravo!

Thanks Thea, Gudrun, Seok and Lesley. I couldn't tell which one I prefer because I only see the difficulties to have some real colours right! In the first one it is the sand, in the second one the sea.... But it was nice and challenging to have a project to try my best and do a lot of thinking and puzzling (lol!!).

Agree with Seok here, Mia : the first one is my personal favourite, also because the colours suit the subject so well.

Thank you very much, Sharon.

Hang on Studio Wall

After the viridian and crimson challenge, Syd challenged me to use sapgreen and permanent rose instead. I decided to make the same painting with those colours to see the difference. It is again a pen and wash using an Artline marker 0,5 to make the drawing. I first painted the sky in pure rose but that wasn't ok in my view, so I gave it a wash with a very diluted green. To avoid a very hard contrast in the dunes, I mixed a little rose into the sapgreen. Which one do you prefer? Thanks for having a look and maybe posting a comment :) Mia

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