Magnolia drawing


You're getting very good at this!

Beautiful Mia. I think a few touches of pink will work a real treat Mia.

Another simple but Very good one !!

This tells its story by its very simplicity, I like it. Regarding colour, I would make a second drawing and use this to develop colour so if you are not satisfied you have not done any harm. Looking forward to seeing further developments.

Beautiful line drawing, Mia, go easy with the Inktense pencils if you use them directly onto the paper, maybe water the colour down either on a piece of paper or a pallet to tint your magnolia first, then go in with the pencil to intensify the darker areas. They can be tricky to use if your not used to them. When I use a new medium I often either, print out the original or make two similar drawings, keeping the best drawing for later use. Look forward to viewing the end result.

Posted by C Jones on Sun 02 Aug 05:31:59

Thank you all very much for your positive comments and good advices. Much appreciated.

A very elegant drawing Mia, lovely as it is I would be tempted to give a hint pink, but that's me :)

Thank you Margaret and Carole. I will give it a try tomorrow (if I dare!!!)

Hang on Studio Wall

This is my immediately in ink drawing of a magnolia. I am planning to add some colours with my Inktense watercolour pencils or shouldn't I? Please let me know what you think. All comments are as usual very welcome :) Mia

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