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Dislike spiders but like this!

That's a whopper Matthew

Blimey....you could throw a saddle on that. He will make short work of any other bugs that may be lurking in your studio Matthew. Despite the subject....I like spiders, just not in the same county as myself....it’s a smashing painting.

Love the painting but couldn't look at it for long! Yet I'd never kill a spider - one had crawled into my painting shirt recently, saw something moving on my shoulder out of the corner of my eye. Screamed! Yes, pathetic, I know. He scuttled off into the bathroom.

This is great, I have a name for these large house spiders, I always call them Fred.

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Watercolour on Arches 26x36cm, cold pressed,of a subject found in my studio sink!

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Price: 60
Picture Size: 26h x 36w cm
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Matthew Sewell

Watercolourist since the 90's, and have just taken up oils a couple of years ago. I regularly paint en plein air with a local group called the Artful Dodgers, and aim to paint at least twice a week now I'm heading for retirement.

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