Badb Woods

Badby woods 65 cms x 51cms

Four great landscapes Martin.

Oh boy, another detail beauty. How long does this kind of work take you?

This is my favourite, I work in the woodland and this so reminds me of the place where I work .

Fantastic array of paintings Martin. You detail leaves me gob-smacked!

Thanks for everybody's kind words. It would be nice to get some positive criticism. Heather - It takes as long as it takes, knowing when a painting is finished is a great topic for discussion. This one was done from start to finish over about a month I'd say. Linda - It's not about the detail for me believe it or not. No painting can really show everything though you'd think I've painted every leaf. But I havn't. The mushrooms appeared the day before I finished and I thought it added to the foreground. They weren't there to start with so the painting becomes a sort of recorded time capsule. Imagine how much it changes from minute to minute, hour to hour, rain and shine. It's about going as far as I can to show as much as I can see. I hope to post up a short video taken when I withstood a shower under the umbrella, it was a very special moment. Martin

Another superb painting - love your work Martin.

What a sensational painting, Martin, absolutely top class! Love all 4 today, Too!

Love the detail, and marvellous work with greens....

Hang on Studio Wall

oil on board. 65 cms x 51 cms Painted completely en plein air.

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I was ​​born in 1954 and am now based in Northamptonshire. I studied at the Ealing School of Art, Wimbledon School of Art and Goldsmith’s College. My work reflects a love of nature, played out in detailed studies of the countryside which surround my studio, a converted stable on a farm. Every…

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