We havn't lost our imagination

We havn't lost our imagination

Seems as humans we forget that our imagination is intrinsic to our identity and technology (although evidence is scarce at the moment) appears to erode our ability to imaginatively create, and play the older we get. This painting responds to that thought by evoking a feeling of a simpler approach to life when our impulses were not railroaded by computer games, t:v, or photoshop.

I absolutely agree with you there Mark and I LOVE your painting! The pure simplicity and the size of it are mind blowing.

No loss there Mark, here maybe - struggling to come to terms with non realist and abstract but I am trying honest. This strikes me as a cleverly thought and executed big piece of work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil and acrylic on medium grade canvas. 5 ft 4 inches x 4ft. 1st painting for 2016

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Mark Wogan

New Zealand born. Australasian Gold and Bronze medal awards in Screen-print for best design 1997-1998. 12 years as a first class printer enabled me to grapple with images from simple to complex, colour separations, and attention to detail to work up powerful images. This provides the basis for…

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