Ready to eat (3)

Ready to eat (3)

Oil on canvas, 8"x8"

Why not, love to see them Marjorie. Just the right colours.

Luscious quality of paint Marjorie lovely

This lovely Marjorie and you must send them all! I'm always interested in seeing more modern, simplified still lives.

Thankyou Carole and Dennis. Satu, where are those pears?

Marjorie you must post them, I look out for your still life's!! Love how you have captured the shine on the whole pomegranate.

A great exercise Marjorie. You have captured the texture and feel of the three objects in the composition. The hardness of the skin of the fruit, the solidity and shine of the container and the soft juicy fruits of the pomegranate I can even sense the solid seed in each piece of pomegranate. Well observed.

I think your having a lot of fun with these Marjorie and they are great lovely work .

Thankyou Fiona, George and Dennis, I'm loving doing these little paintings every day. I can see how I'm changing as I become familiar with the objects. One thing is certain, I'm not tired of them yet - the"pomegranate period" continues.....

Beautiful work Marjorie lovely luscious colour

It's always good to see paintings through their transitions, Marjorie. Post away! This is lovely - the textures and surfaces are so refined.

Really softly painted beautiful still life.

Thank you again Dermot, Seok, Andre and Gudrun. I'm feeling anxious because I haven't painted anything today yet!

My pears are still a bit anaemic and lying flat on the canvas but I'll get to them soon.

Hi Marjorie that's odd Marjorie Thea was such an active contributer and had so many friends on the site , I hope she is OK . Thank you so much Marjorie for letting me know I appreciate it.

Hang on Studio Wall

Final version , at least for posting. I've noticed I'm tackling it in a slightly different way. I'm going to paint more but won't post any more, promise!

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