Whitby 199 steps

Whitby 199 steps

I'm sure you've explained somewhere how you do this technique but I just can't work it out. It's incredibly effective. Do you do the basic drawing, then the washes then lift out colour for the buildings? This selection of paintings are of my favourite place in the whole world; there's something really special about that coast and Whitby, Staithes and Robin Hood's Bay in particular.

I always start my paintings with a overall wash before drawing. These are textured with various mediums such as cling film, salt , bubble wrap, greaseproof paper etc. Then I transfer my design or drawing on the paper with transfer paper. I lift out the highlights and add tone for the deeper colours. I use 200 Ib Bockingford Not paper with White Knight watercolour pans for paintings with more vibrant colours and Winsor & Newton for the earth colours. I find lifting out is best done with a 1/2 in synthetic flat brush which is just firm enough to lift the colour without damaging the paper. I hope this is of some help Malcolm.

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Watercolour on 1/4 imperial 200 Ibs Bockingford paper

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After twenty years of painting watercolours I have spent the last year or so trying to paint in collage and acrylics with little success. I find it difficult to paint opaque paint on to a surface that blots out whatever is there so I am returning to watercolour now I have plenty of time after…

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