Honesty -4

Honesty -4

Thank you Malcolm for posting these - very interesting. Once again so very affective.

I like the depth and layering, very interesting to see how you created this result, thankyou for posting. Annie

Thank you so much for letting us into the secret of your methods, you make it sound so easy but it must take a great deal of skill to get it right and produce these beautiful paintings. Thank you again for taking the time to do this.

Very informative sequence of paintings.

I entirely agree with the others. It is very kind to take the time and effort to show us your techniques. Your work is all so breathtakingly beautiful- quite agog as ever. Many, many thanks for showing us!

Thank you so much for posting these. I've puzzled for so long how you did this. |Do you use specific paints that lift easier than most? I have great difficulty lifting any of the colours in Windsor and Newton's range. White Knight seem better for that.

Sorry, meant White Night

I love this painting - thank you for describing the process.

Hang on Studio Wall

Last negative wash using a deep purple to create another layer of seed heads.

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After twenty years of painting watercolours I have spent the last year or so trying to paint in collage and acrylics with little success. I find it difficult to paint opaque paint on to a surface that blots out whatever is there so I am returning to watercolour now I have plenty of time after…

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