Durham from the Corn Mill

Durham from the Corn Mill

Yes, you must try this technique again, it's a cracking painting!

Interesting technique - very effective.

Posted by Emma P on Sun 07 Jan 13:07:38

Really nice Malcolm, great textures 😃

Its a great painting and the textures must be from this technique. I walked past this view the other day and thought "Naah, your not ready for this yet". So well done Malcolm you've shown a terrific line and method here.

Lovely painting and interesting effect Malcolm, did you treat the paper in anyway before applying the oils?

That’s a terrific effect Malcolm.

Thanks everyone for your comments- much appreciated. Barry, the paper was very wet and the diluted oils stippled onto the paper without the brush touching the actual surface and left to dry.

Hang on Studio Wall

Old painting done with thinned oils on rag watercolour paper and overpainted with watercolour- must try this technique again.

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