Easington Colliery circa 1968

Easington Colliery circa 1968

Wonderful subject Malcolm, those buildings are monumental and figures perfect

Terrific Malcolm. Love to see old memories preserved in picture and you've really caught it well.

Excellent painting Malcolm.

Brilliantly poignant painting Malcolm. So well illustrated. What strikes me is the symbolic nature of the massive colliery buildings dwarfing the figures. The colliery was bigger than all of us but she decimated it like a chainsaw fells a tree. I have to be honest, I did my duty and put my family history painfully out of the way while I did it.

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Graphite pen and watercolour drawn from memory of the first landscape sketch I ever did looking out of the Survey Office window. The only reference I had was old photos at 90 degrees to this view. That's me and my two assistants Geordie Vickers and Norman Walker in the foreground heading underground to do some survey work.

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After twenty years of painting watercolours I have spent the last year or so trying to paint in collage and acrylics with little success. I find it difficult to paint opaque paint on to a surface that blots out whatever is there so I am returning to watercolour now I have plenty of time after…

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