Bamburgh Village

Bamburgh Village

Lovely watercolour Malcolm, brings back happy memories as I was there a few weeks ago.

Excellent Malcolm. Nice contrast between the warm richer tones of the houses and the understated mass of the castle looming in the background. There is just sufficient detail on the castle without it overpowering the houses below. Actually, those houses and road make a very good "letterbox" shaped picture in their own right cropped just a little above the tallest chimneys.

Nice painting Malcolm, I like the colours, it makes a change to see this view of the castle including some of the village, makes it more of a 'living' thing. As for it being out of scale, well the some of the Old Masters were the best at depicting crags and mountains twice their size for effect so you are in good company, still a nice painting.

I love Bamburgh Malcolm and it's nice to see the castle painted from this view rather than the usual coastal side. The colours are perfect together and the birds complete the painting. Well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

Old watercolour I eventually got round to finishing. The castle height is twice its actual size- I don't know why I did this but in watercolour there is no turning back.

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After twenty years of painting watercolours I have spent the last year or so trying to paint in collage and acrylics with little success. I find it difficult to paint opaque paint on to a surface that blots out whatever is there so I am returning to watercolour now I have plenty of time after…

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