Kepier Hospital Gateway Durham City

Kepier Hospital Gateway Durham City

Fantastic Malcolm. I am from Darlo and don't know this place, did you draw and paint it on the site?

Super watercolour Malcolm - specially like the foreground and the fence.

This the last building on the right hand side as the River wear leaves Durham -<br />I draw outside when possible but not on this occasion. I never paint outside- to many things to go wrong!<br />

Wow, lovely work Malcolm and beautiful washes.

You mean the fence to the left wasn&#39;t (un)painted with masking fluid?<br />

Lovely watercolour. Lots of interest and varied textures. I agree Saunders is a great paper to paint on easier to control washes than others.<br />

Wow, Malcolm! This is marvellous! Gorgeous colours, wonderful lead in with the white fence, beautiful distant trees - all adding to the atmosphere around the building itself. It really is a wonderful painting.

Thanks for all your comments and no masking fluid was on the fence only negative painting.

A stunning, atmospheric piece. The contrast of the solid buildings against the textured foreground and misty trees really emphasizes the focal point beautifully.

Love this, composition, washes, palette the lot. Your palette is quite subdued Malcolm, yet you manage to pack a great punch with it. Super painting.

Hang on Studio Wall

Saunders Waterford 200lb rough paper- 15 x 11 ins. I have not used this paper for ages but it was a dream to work and easy to paint negative shapes without using masking fluid.

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