enclosed. dip pen and ink

enclosed. dip pen and ink

I certainly get the scary, claustrophobia and feeling of imminent danger.

Thank you so much for that Gudrun, I am glad l seem to have managed if only a little to portray what I was aiming at, much appreciated.

Bet you needed much endurance with the awful feeling of closing in on you Malcolm! Good portrayal of how you must have felt.

Thanks for that Carole very much appreciated, as you yourself will know you can never truly explain your feelings about the outdoors high or low to anyone, you have to experience it yourself.

I can't imagine what this must have felt like malcolm, I've never challenged myself to this kind of threshold. But I certainly 'get' the feeling of being overpowered by something much bigger and more powerful than 'me'.

Thanks Fiona much appreciated, I think everyone must feel like that at some point in their lives but just in a variety of situations.

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a 'mind' scene for me, it represents the feelings I sometimes got in the high mountains when the day was going badly for one reason or another and you were in a certain kind of terrain, there seemed to be no end and everything was closing in on you, as I said mind games, this was always the hard part, the physcological game when you often needed more strength in your mind than your body to keep going.

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