Fantasy wood.

Fantasy wood.

Lovely work Malcolm it is all enjoyment

Well I think we'll done especially with no pre drawing Malcolm. The twisted trunks are magical.

Thank you very much Carole and Dennis for your comments much appreciated, that means a lot coming from you both.

Good for you have produced a piece that is free, loose and magical. I like it very much.

That comment means a lot Fiona thank you very much.

Malcolm, you have created some lovely flowing shapes in the tree trunks, and it does have a fantasy feel about it!

Thanks a lot for that Jenny much appreciated.

Well done Malcolm its hard to leave your comfort zone but its worth it and when you do it a lot you will at some point hit something fantastic , your a good artist its a matter of when rather than if and meanwhile you can turn out some nice arty paintings like this .Well done mate.

I felt so happy when I saw this Malcolm, I love it when people try new things. It gives you a buzz doesn't it. Don't stop! This has worked so well and I love the colours.

Thank you both very much Marjorie and Dennis I really appreciate your comments especially given the works you both produce.

Thanks for tha Dermot, much appreciated, it was something new for me.

Forgive me Michael I meant to answer your question on my beach scene regarding the foreground ; it was a combination of drybrush and scratching with a craft knife .

Hang on Studio Wall

This is basically a quick sketch as my attempt to step up to the plate of what others are doing by getting away from my comfort zone even though not abstract, did this in 10 or 15 min with calligraphy dip pens and tissues with Windsor and Newtons drawing inks. So no pre drawing just used the tissues to but all the background colours on then various nib sizes for the trees, nearly all of it wet ink into wet ink because of the time factor. So it is what it is.

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I have always loved the outdoors and have climbed and walked in various places in the world, after giving numerous slide shows and talks about my trips to raise money for charity, i realised the slides and photos did not do what i saw justice, so I decided to start trying to paint. I am self taught…

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