Poised Sophistication

Poised Sophistication

Thank you so much Carole - I appreciate your encouragement.

A beautiful portrait

Excellent work.

A brilliant portrait Marilyn, such wonderful detail, she looks Beautiful!

It is a mystery to me how you achieve such smoothness of skin tones in watercolour Marilyn. Your gallery shows such genius. There are odourless oil products such as 'Zest it and of course there are water soluble oils.

Thank you so much Karen, David and Margaret.

A lovely painting. It's all beautifully done, the hair especially so...but I'm saying that because I struggle with hair.

Thank you so much for your comments Carole. Pale white washes over coloured washes work miracles! I have tried various odourless products but have found that they are simply not odourless unfortunately - my husband, who loves oils, has had the same experience and has had to give up. I also find acrylics too difficult to work with. So it remains watercolour for me I’m afraid.

There are no words for this amazing painting, Marilyn, you are a great watercolourist and this is a very sensitive portrait. You don't need to work with oils because yor portraits have the same oils paintings intensity. Anyway you colud try to use water-soluble oils that doesn't smell.

I think this is startlingly good. What a beautiful portrait. Brian

Thank you so much Brian, Lewis and Cesare. I’m afraid that even water soluble oils have a distinct oil smell but watercolour is a very versatile medium and I am content with that for now.

It certainly has worked Marily, this is a very beautiful portrait

Brilliant work as always Marilyn, I paint my portraits mainly in oils but I would love to be able to use watercolour like this.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments David and Russell - much appreciated.


Posted by T H on Sat 20 Jan 16:35:22

Terrific portrait, Marilyn

Hang on Studio Wall

Anyone who is familiar with my artwork will know I’m a watercolourist who would really like to be an oil painter but can’t stand the smell of oil! In this painting I have stretched my watercolour technique to bursting point and again I hope it has worked.

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