Iceni? (Stippling)


You've me smile with your description ... it's a beauty of a painting Marilyn

Beautifully painted, I see the Queen of the Iceni herself,

Extraordinary. I wondered about the title when I saw the thumbnail. You must have a great deal of focus and patience.

You must be very patient. A very effective painting and a great result.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments Heather, Paul, Tony and William. Yes, patience is a must here but it is always important to distance yourself sometimes for tone and perspective.

Love how you’ve painted this Marilyn. It works so well with all the beautiful details. The eyes are mesmeric and the crown is superb.

Thank you so much Carole for your lovely comments.

Very good and so much patience involved in this excellent painting.

Terrific portrait.

Hang on Studio Wall

Thought about Boudica but she was probably covered in blue wode and not very attractive; then thought about Helen of Troy but wasn’t sure I was up to a face that launched 1,000 ships, so hence the (?) in the title! Anyway, a lot of brush pens were harmed in the making of this picture and now I’m seeing dots before my eyes!

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