"Haylage" in watercolour

"Haylage" in watercolour

You can’t get the same look with plastic wrapped bales can you Mike. Having said that, yours don’t look wrapped and I love that tree on the left in silhouette. Has a summery look and feel.

thanks Fiona. The tree in question is our Cabbage tree - travels well - I have seen them in Cornwall and Ireland. Evergreen as are all the native NZ trees so consequently there is never a true winter feel to the place as I was used to coming from England. Mind you, it is our summer now - the longest day today (your shortest)

Lovely range of greens Mike. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas, and a creative 2019. Will look forward to more of your lovely paintings.

thanks , Sandra , Christmas greetings and best wishes for 2019 tto you.

Has a lovely warm exotic look with the cabbage tree there Mike, lovely!

Mike, click on menu, then art community, then forum, then latest. Scroll down for up to date threads and topics or go into specific mediums. I think the cabin challenge is listed under ‘January challenge’.

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That time of year when the first hay cuts are being made , no haystacks these days - Monet had all the luck !

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