Sky fall

Sky fall

My goodness - that bird means business, doesn't it! Beautifully captured and a lovely watercolour.

With the eyes sharply defined and the rest more painterly with the wet in wet, it works really well. Choice of colours adds to the drama.

This is a beauty Lynne so powerful and dramatic and skilfully carried out , super .

Dramatic and predatory. Super work, Lynne!

Beautiful colours and use of the medium Lynne.

Thank you all so much for your comments - means a lot to me

This is truly 'smashing', and the color combination makes it double interesting!

Powerful piece of work beautifully done

Love this Lynne and all of your gallery is beautiful. I too retired 3 years ago and after moving and building I am now hoping to get back to more painting time. I hope you enjoy oils - I like to have an oil on the go as you can play with them and make plenty of mistakes, and love trying to get a watercolour feel. wc is my favourite too- those loose washes you do are beautiful

Norah - thank you so much - you sound as though your retirement has been busy up 'till now !- do hope you can devote time for your painting now.

Great composition and carefully selected colours! Looks very dynamic and full in movement!

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I am a self taught artist who only took up painting after retiring from a busy nursing career. Since that time art and painting has become a passion for me. I enjoy all media but particularly love the magic of wet in wet watercolour techniques. I have recently started to explore the versatility of…

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