Ivy, Sylvia and Mariska

Ivy, Sylvia and Mariska

A gorgeous trio of whippets or greyhounds, you don't give much away Lisa! My little whippet is the same colour as the one on the right. (a 'Blue Whippet'). I've never found her that easy to draw, so well done.

Lovely dramatic scene.

Thank you very much Alan and Shirley. To be honest Alan I wasn’t 100% sure myself, it’s a commission and although I have loads of info on their personalities, likes and dislikes I still wasn’t sure if Greyhounds or Whippets and I wouldn’t want to get it wrong 😁

Like the one paw raised pose!

Gosh, it's hard enough painting one dog portrait, but three dogs together, same breed and you have managed to give them all different personalities.

Just brilliant! Bags of personality and the pose says it all

Utterly gorgeous , especially my namesake n the middle .

Beautifully painted Lisa. A lovely threesome!

Thank you Sylvia, Tessa, Margaret, Dawn and Thalia, appreciate all your comments 😀

Hang on Studio Wall

16x12cm acrylic on canvas

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I am a self taught artist. I have always loved to draw and paint from very young. I have mainly used acrylics but love to try something new. I learn techniques from art books and magazines. I love exploring new places, am inspired by colour - I love Mediterranean scenes. However I have more…

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