Trompe L'Oeil Pansies

Trompe L'Oeil Pansies

In my humble opinion this really doesn't work as title suggests. It may no be a very good photograph but it s certainly stuck in two dimensions with non of the customary third. Tonally far too even. It doesn't take much research to find out how the better examples are done.

Yes, I like it. Well done. I may have a go myself as I need a project to inspire me. Acrylics I find are fun - if messy. Looking forward to your next post.

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Anita da la Hunty sent in her version of Linda's pansies saying 'This is the first time I have done a painting project & really enjoyed it enormously. Like Linda Hampson I was a coloured pencil artist quite awhile ago and I am now determined to try something else , now that I have started doing artwork again. My piece was done in acrylics which I have just started to work with and decided to do a bit of collage in there as well. I was inspired by a lovely bookmark I have with pressed flowers. I hope you like it! '

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