Jar of oil on a plate

Jar of oil on a plate

How do you get it to stay in the jar? Just joking Peter, I can see this is really beautifully done :)

Very clever Peter.

If you want your pictures to show the right way up so viewers don´t have to twist their necks, here´s how. iPads and phones are built to turn a picture depending on how you hold the gadget in your hand. In other words if it appears upside down or sideways after posting it should be deleted and uploaded again. You either need a photo editing APP for your iPad which allows you to turn the picture the right way up before uploading it to the gallery. Alternatively you can write down which way you held your iPad when you took a picture which arrived on the gallery the right way up. You would then be able to make sure you always took your photos from that same position.

Even upside down it's a work of art!

Maybe it's intentional as it works best like this, reminds me of a Magritte.

Really beautiful piece of soft pastel work...just need to put my head back the right way! Shows how really well this works upside down!!!

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Second still life in soft pastel 370 x 280 Mi-Teintes pastel paper, Unison & Jackson Art soft pastels and Caran d’Ache pastel pencils.

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