A man who mistakenly stepped into the waiting room of our medical practice from an examination cubicle.

A man who mistakenly stepped into the waiting room of our medical practice from an examination cubicle.

Smashing little tale Michael. Lucky he wasn't arrested.

Poor things nothing to be scared of great piece Michael

Thanks Derek and Dennis. A commendation rather than arrest I think Derek. It's okay for you, when you're used to seeing something like that Dennis. I must say, I was quite shocked myself.

Wish I'd been there ;-) Great work for 10 seconds though !!

Well painted figure, Michael, beautiful colours.

Good grief Mick what a shock this must have been to your hypersensitive emotional balance, it's enough to make any sane person swoon....and those poor women! I wonder what he needed to see a doctor about, he looks in good shape to me but that is probably down to your excellent drawing Mick. Great narrative.....never a dull moment in your life Mick! lol

Thanks Cesare and Fiona. Apparently he was taking a medical to join the Royal Navy Fiona and he passed with flying colours.

Your life just gets more and more interesting Michael..LOL

Wonderful story Michael, it made me laugh... why don't these things happen to me?

What fun at the surgery Michael! Never happens at mine, made me smile ;)

Thanks Carole. It's not the sort of place you expect first class entertainment.

Thanks Louise and Margaret. I hope you have better luck in the future.

Thanks Gudrun and John. Yes John, but do we ever know the truth? Even Fake or Fortune maybe getting it wrong.

....and he only went in for a flu jab!!! Just love your stories Michael and, of course, this is an expertly painted watercolour too.

Thanks Sarah. I'm pleased you like them.

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Pencil sketch and watercolour. The waiting room was packed and I was fed up when things suddenly got more interesting. A man who was to be examined by the doctor entered through the wrong door of the changing cubicle and stepped into the waiting room. Startled, he stood for about 10 seconds in full view of the patients before diving back into the cubicle. Two women went hysterical and, screaming alarmingly, fell to the floor in a kind of thrashing fit. The doctor came to their assistance and explained the sight had threatened their sense of security and damaged their hypothalamus and nervous system.

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