A girl I met at an overnight party in 1964

A girl I met at an overnight party in 1964

You meet some wonderful people, Michael. And you do them justice in your sketching, catching their poses beautifully

All these girls don't seem to own many clothes Mick.

Thanks Willie. At 70 you don,t meet these kind of people any more. You may have missed it Adele but clothes do come off, even in Our chilly area. I see Yorkshire is taking over some of Cumbria at the moment. They can stay away from Durham.

Mine stay firmly on Mick - might be to do with being a Londoner originally. It's chilly up here near the North Sea - Brrr!

She's a cracker Michael, good figure!

This looked like it should have had a date of 1944 until I saw the actual date. It's smashing Michael

Thanks Fiona and Gudrun. Derek, you're absolutely right. As I partly mentioned on another one, Doust's manual on drawing was first published in 1936 and my copy was updated in 1942. This is based on Plate 19. Have you though of applying for the Metropolital Police Art Squad?

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil sketch and watercolour wash

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I was born in 1946. In the 1960s and part of the 70s I was an airman in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm. I joined Durham Constabulary in 1971. In 1999 I retired from policing and began teaching sociology and criminology at Durham University with emphasis on policing and researching crime. I've just…

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