Innamorato. Amoroso.

Innamorato. Amoroso.

Nice work Michael, showing very well how much love hurts.

Thanks Cesare. Precisely. I have memories from the 60s with Roy Orbison and it continues.

I like the way you paint these faces Michael they are very arty

Thanks Dennis. They just seem to appear on the page.

Thanks Gudrun. Looked him up. I like his art but not his politics. Re his art, he said, 'There is silver blue, sky blue and thunder blue. Every color holds within it a soul, which makes me happy or repels me, and which acts as a stimulus. To a person who has no art in him, colors are colors, tones tones...and that is all. All their consequences for the human spirit, which range between heaven to hell, just go unnoticed'. I would like to think I could develop those thoughts. His work certainly has some meaning. Take 'Dance around the golden calf'. I'm not religious but I would follow the words of Alexander Berkman, 'Existence has become an unreasoning dance around the golden calf, a mad worship of the god Mammon. In that dance and in that worship man has sacrificed all his finer qualities of the heart and soul - kindness and justice, honour and manhood, compassion and sympathy with his fellow man'. So true, even though I am with blame too. It can change relationships in families. I'm grateful to you for pointing Nolde out to me. It seems a worthwhile, meaningful, project.

Looked up Nolde and it's smashing work, thanks for the tip off Gudrun. Didn't look further

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