Harry's revenge.

Harry's revenge.

A rum lot Michael you must have been quaking!

Thanks Carole and Gudrun. Strangely, I always thought Annette would have been happier with Harry than me. He seems a much nicer bloke than me and he does the dusting too. So I don't know what's suddenly upset them all. Perhaps it's because I'm so rich. It's quite amazing how jealous some people can be. I saw Harry at the doctors a few weeks ago and didn't say anything then. Perhaps it's just me. Yes, it's just me again. Perhaps I should go and see somebody about it but the NHS is in crisis at the moment.

Lovely face and always lovely stories of a hard dreamer.

I'm beginning to recognise your old 'friends' faces Michael. Fantastic expressions this lot all have. LOL

Thanks Dennis and Louise.

If you don't Michael, I'm going to print this off and put it on the gate.....I think there's a good chance it will keep the 'trick or treater's' away!! Forget the NHS Mick, if you're rich get help asap...lol Annette would never have been happy with Harry, he hasn't got your good looks for a start. Great expressions.

Ooh you don't half spin 'em Michael.

Thanks Margaret and Fiona. He may not have my good looks Fiona but he is a plumber and every housewife needs one.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil sketch and watercolour wash. Automatism. This group appeared last night too. Seen clearly on the far left is Annette's old boyfriend, Harry Tidbury who threatened that he and his family would, '....give you a good working over'.

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