Original Sin


Wow Michael, depravity ooh er!

Apparently we all have it Heather, according to Christian ideology, ‘the innate corruption of human nature, due to original sin’; so I was told at school anyway.

Her name wasn’t Eve by any chance was it Michael? Don’t get me started on original sin! Great pose again Michael and application of paint.

super straight painting, love it

Oh yes, I had to go through all that teaching too Michael! She looks like an Eve 😉

A very haunting image, which I imagine would not easily be forgotten. Your portraits are so evocative Michael and I admire the skill you have in demonstrating the inner essence of the characters.

Thalia, Carole, Carole, thank you for your kind, reflective comments.

Bit of both I think Gudrun.

Hang on Studio Wall

Portrait of a Cornish girl who, all those years ago, told me, ‘You have looked deep into the eyes of depravity’. ‘Have you any news?’ I retorted. Oil on mount board.

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